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Private Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited,
Our Solutions Expand With Your Ideas! We work with the brightest minds in technology. These conversations between innovators may help you move your big idea forward.
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At Private Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited,
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Private Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited

An exciting and fulfilling banking experience begins with our commitment to you.

Private Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited, Dedicated to Your Success

We treat you the way we want to be treated—with professionalism and courtesy. We greet our customers by name and are glad to see them when they stop by one of our offices. It’s our pleasure to assist you whenever you need us.

We offer first class and world standard services to our clients, our core values include: Excellence, Ethics, Trust, Teamwork, Passion for Customers, and Continuous Learning so as to serve you better.

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Business Banking

With all of the daily fun of running your own business, do you really want to stress over your banking?

Business Banking

AtPrivate Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited, we understand that one of the perks of being “the boss” should be truly hassle-free banking that keeps piles of paperwork to an absolute minimum. And since your business is our business, we promise we’ll always treat you like a person, not an account number.

Experience the advantages of being with a leading bank, full of professionals who will listen and advise on how best to move your business to the next level. Take advantage of the many benefits of a Zenith business account and gain an edge over your competition. Get an account that actually helps your business grow.

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Personal Loans

Get prequalified in minutes. Loans from $5,000 to $35,000. Multiple loan terms available.

Quick, Customized Packages to Meet Your Financial Needs

Whether it’s time to purchase new equipment, upgrade technology, or increase inventory,Private Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited offers pain-free, custom business loans that are just right for your needs. We also offer flexible leasing options, commercial real estate loans, multi-unit family dwelling financing, auto and truck financing, corporate credit cards and lines of credit, too.

We offer easy-to-apply-for loans that can be creatively structured to meet just about any need. And they're available in a variety of flexible packages to make repayment a breeze.

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Our Solutions Expand With Your Ideas

Private Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited clients live beyond the status quo. We are here to provide financial solutions and business insights designed for growing companies. See what happens when vision and passion collide in these personal stories from our clients.

Smart Savings

Earn 1.30% APY on every penny in your account. Now that's smart.

Life insurance

Ensure your loved ones are financially protected if the unexpected happens.

Money Market

Use your excess cash to grow your business savings by earning higher interests

Business Banking Solutions

Checking Account

Premium Savings

Money Market

Cash Management

Interest Checking

Business Checking Account

Isn’t running your business tough enough without having to worry about all of its related financial needs? AtPrivate Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited, we take the hassle out of business checking by keeping the paperwork to a minimum and by giving you personalized customer service.

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Business Premium Savings

A wide selection of investing strategies from seasoned portfolio managers. Investment Advice for a Rich Life is one of our priorities for all investors. We select fund managers across asset classes and continuously monitor their performance.

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Money Market

Our business money market accounts are a great way to help your business save, whether you're building your balance toward a planned purchase or creating a buffer for unexpected expenses.

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Cash Management Solutions

The Cash Management professionals atPrivate Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited want to be your financial partner. We are dedicated to helping our business partners grow and we can provide you with the appropriate products and services to make that happen.

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Business Interest Checking

The Business Interest Checking account fromPrivate Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited allows you to earn interest on your account balance with no monthly maintenance fee as long as you maintain an average daily balance of at least $5,000.

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Reliable Banking Solutions

Online Banking

We deliver best-in-class online solutions for both our corporate and private clients across our services with optimized security feature through our Online Banking channels.
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Commercial Banking

The Commercial banking division focuses on serving all non-institutional clients within the value chain of the Banks large, corporate customers.
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Personal Banking

We offer a total value package, with customized services designed to suit your individual requirements; Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Loans.
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