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Money Market

Use your excess cash to grow your business savings.

Our business money market accounts are a great way to help your business save, whether you're building your balance toward a planned purchase or creating a buffer for unexpected expenses.

Whether you need to save for a planned purchase or build a buffer for unexpected expenses, this basic business money market account makes your money work harder for you.

With a money market account there is no reason not to be saving for your business:

  • Earn interest –Private Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited Small Business Money Market Plus offers competitive relationship interest rates when bundled with an activePrivate Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited small business checking account.
  • Full access to your funds – You're not locked in to a fixed term or waiting periods for available funds.
  • Get protection from overdrafts – Add Savings Overdraft Protection to automatically transfer funds from yourPrivate Wealth Secure Investment Bank Limited small business checking account and avoid overdrafts and returned check fees.
  • May boost your credit ratings – Having a savings is just one of the factors that go into a credit rating and helps demonstrate you have the means to pay back a loan.